Why Return2Play

Philip Boozer, MS, ATC, C-PS
Owner and Founder of Return2Play

What Makes Return2Play Different?

Return2Play is founded by an Athletic Trainer who was tired of seeing people being limited by their bodies and not able to live an active life. With a background in Powerlifting, Football, and Baseball; we go beyond just the quick-fix. We take our time to perform a though evaluation and movement assessment to determine the underlying dysfunctions that lead to your injury- not just what structure is causing you pain. 

This allows us to give you the tools to enhance your body’s performance and correct the issue so it never returns.

At Return2Play, you will always spend 100% of your time with your Athletic Trainer. Our standard is a 1:1 ratio of patients to practitioners, with highly individualized patient care, unlike the traditional model, where it is typically a 4:1 (or more) ratio.

Here at Return2Play, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This means that we would much rather focus on prescreening, prevention, and diagnosis of impairments as well as maintenance of general health and wellness, rather than be reactive to an injury.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between injury prevention, movement optimization, rehabilitative and wellness services and athletics.

Whether you are an athlete progressing towards peak performance, or simply want to eliminate a nagging pain so you can get back to enjoying an active lifestyle once again, Return2Play is here to restore you to return to pain-free movement, optimize your body’s movement and performance, and smash your goals!

You were not designed to stay on the sideline of life, and our team can help you get back into the activities you love. Are you ready to get back to the life you love?

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Return2Play in Modesto

12+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Ashley H.

“About six years ago I had ACL and meniscus surgery and thought I was good to go. But over time my body started to compensate for my ‘bad knee’ and this created more problems. I was able to work with Phillip for a few months and have seen tremendous improvement. He spent time going back to the basics and not only correcting my body positioning, but also helping me build up my smaller muscles to support my movements. My pain and inflammation is to a minimum. And when I do have a flair up, I now have the tools and knowledge to work through it in a helpful way. “

- Kindra W.

“About 7 years ago I injured my knee. It has gotten progressively worse. I met Phillip when he did a squat class at my boot camp. I decided to go and see him and it has been a game changer. My knee feels better and he is working on getting it to straighten out, using numerous techniques and home exercises. My knee started at a 20 degree bend and as of today, it is down to 11-12 degrees! This is a huge change! Phillip is very knowledgeable and professional. He educates you along the way so that you understand why you are doing certain exercises, etc. I would highly recommend Return2Play for your Physical Therapy needs.”