Shoulder Pain

Philip Boozer, MS, ATC, C-PS
Owner and Founder of Return2Play

Are You Annoyed That Shoulder Pain Is Preventing You From Living an Active Lifestyle?

You are sick of being impeded by your shoulder pain. You want to return to living your life without worry or discomfort. Continue reading to discover why Return2Play is the best solution for you...

Do not sacrifice the lifestyle you desire for solvable problems.

No longer will shoulder pain dictate your decisions.

You have suffered for too long.

You’ve had to modify your workouts due to your pain because you can’t lift as much as you once did.

The excruciating pain prevents you from living your life as you would like.

You’ve put your life on hold in hopes that the pain will go away because you’re feeling frustrated and let down.

However, it has not.

You seek a solution so you can resume your active lifestyle.

If this describes you, we’re glad you’re here and ready to assist.

Return2Play is the BEST remedy for your shoulder discomfort. It’s time for US to assist YOU in returning to the hobbies and way of life you adore, free from constraints.

We are aware of the aggravating nature of shoulder pain.

As an active person, you have specific objectives you wish to achieve.

These are the daily activities that have become difficult for you due to your shoulder pain.

This is not an acceptable way to live.

We recognize the importance of an active lifestyle for someone like you.

Daily gym attendance is your escape; it helps you concentrate and puts you in the zone.

Since your shoulder pain, you’ve been missing out on opportunities.

And you do not wish to continue missing out.

With your confidence in your abilities dwindling, you desire to treat your shoulder pain.

This is where we step in.

At Return2Play, we help you return to the gym without worry or discomfort.

We work with you to achieve your objectives, eliminate pain, and improve performance.

Are you interested in learning more?

To alleviate shoulder pain, you may have tried...

The issue with all of these options is that they are temporary. These options will only provide you with disappointment and temporary relief.


Since the root cause of the problem is not being addressed.

Here’s the deal…

Some patients have been told that their shoulder pain is due to their active lifestyle.

This is NOT correct.

Your shoulder pain is a hindrance to your progress and a problem that begs to be resolved.

The fact is…

1. Shoulder pain should not require you to modify your workout routine.

2. You should not be required to take a break from your gains.

3. You should not need to take painkillers or apply heat.

Shoulder pain is NOT normal; it is a problem that can be addressed.

You May Be Wondering... How Return2Play Differs From the Competition.

We are not like the other guys who insist that you…
We don’t tell you this because we know it won’t solve the problem. We do not provide you with short-term pain relief. Return2Play identifies the source of your pain and devises a solution. We collaborate with you to help you achieve your objectives.

We put YOU first.

We know you’re a strong, confident, empowered individual eager to resume your active lifestyle – and that’s exactly what we promise you.

We understand that time is your most valuable resource, which is why we strive to assist patients like you in returning to their lives pain-free and with no limitations.

You can be confident that we have your best interests in mind. We listen to YOU and YOUR goals, and our top priority is that you achieve them.

We aim to be a resource for the Modesto, California community of coaches, athletes, trainers, and other active people. We take pride in never remaining stagnant, always striving to keep Modesto, California, healthy and pain-free.

That is exactly what we will do for you.

Let’s work together to put an end to your shoulder pain.

Inquire about our pricing and availability today.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Return2Play in Modesto

12+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Kindra W.

“About 7 years ago I injured my knee. It has gotten progressively worse. I met Phillip when he did a squat class at my boot camp. I decided to go and see him and it has been a game changer. My knee feels better and he is working on getting it to straighten out, using numerous techniques and home exercises. My knee started at a 20 degree bend and as of today, it is down to 11-12 degrees! This is a huge change! Phillip is very knowledgeable and professional. He educates you along the way so that you understand why you are doing certain exercises, etc. I would highly recommend Return2Play for your Physical Therapy needs.”

- ley H.

“About six years ago I had ACL and meniscus surgery and thought I was good to go. But over time my body started to compensate for my ‘bad knee’ and this created more problems. I was able to work with Phillip for a few months and have seen tremendous improvement. He spent time going back to the basics and not only correcting my body positioning, but also helping me build up my smaller muscles to support my movements. My pain and inflammation is to a minimum. And when I do have a flair up, I now have the tools and knowledge to work through it in a helpful way.”