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Active Adults

You may not identify yourself as an athlete, but you are active! At least you were before limited mobility or injury slowed you down. Whether its keeping up with the kiddos, going to the gym, or playing in your weekend league, you deserve to be pain-free. You were made to move, and we are here to help you get back to the active lifestyle you love.


We work with all sorts of athletes; from Crossfit to baseball to football. Although the sport of choice may vary, the frustration and agony from limited mobility, injury, and pain are all the same no matter the sport. We understand and are committed to getting you back to your peak performance and on the field as soon and safely as possible. Using cutting edge therapy, collaboration with local gyms, and individualized plans, we work towards helping you build a stronger more resilient body.

Youth Athletes

Kids today train hard. There is no doubt that the physical demands put on youth athletes today is rigorous. As youth athletes go through their athletic development, they need a coach and medical practitioner that understands what they are going through. They need someone who understands how to reduce the risk of injury and start building resilience and strength so they can perform at their best (and recover like the professions or all season long).


Who want to safely increase their mileage while reducing the aches and pains, as well as lower their risk for injury.

Lifters/Gym Enthusiasts

Who don’t want their pain and stiffness to interfere with their training goals and are tired of being told to “just stop lifting” or working out.

Busy Professionals

Who need to keep their bodies performing at their best, without painkillers or visits to the GP.

Active Parents

Who know playing with their children is a lot easier and more enjoyable if they’re in less pain.

What Makes Return2Play Different


One-on-One For A Full Hour With Your Provider Every Visit

To ensure that you are getting the highest quality of care. Every session will be one on one with provider. No aids, no techs. Just individualized care for you.


24 Hour Response Time

We are 100% committed to your recovery. Throughout your rehab process your provider will always be accessible for any questions you may have

Wholistic Care

You're More Than A Diagnosis

At Return2Play we take a look at the whole body. We are aware that the location of your pain is not always the cause. Not only do we improve your pain and reduce your symptoms, but we address the root cause of the issue and work to make your body more resilient in order to prevent further injuries.

Cost Transparency

You'll Never Get a Bill From Us Months Later After Your Visit

Unlike many physical therapy clinics- you won’t get any bills months following completing rehab. With Return2Play you will never be surprised by a bill you were not anticipating.


We Understand the Demands of Your Life and/or Sport

We walk the talk! As providers who exercise and participate in a large variety of activities/sports ourselves we understand what it takes. While many physicians and physical therapists will simply tell you to stop your desired activity we understand that avoiding the things that you enjoy most because of an injury is no way to live. Because of our background we know the importance of keeping you in the activities you love and we find ways to modify your training so you can stay in your sport throughout the rehab process.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Return2Play in Modesto

12+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Ashley H.

“About six years ago I had ACL and meniscus surgery and thought I was good to go. But over time my body started to compensate for my ‘bad knee’ and this created more problems. I was able to work with Phillip for a few months and have seen tremendous improvement. He spent time going back to the basics and not only correcting my body positioning, but also helping me build up my smaller muscles to support my movements. My pain and inflammation is to a minimum. And when I do have a flair up, I now have the tools and knowledge to work through it in a helpful way. “

- Kindra W.

“About 7 years ago I injured my knee. It has gotten progressively worse. I met Phillip when he did a squat class at my boot camp. I decided to go and see him and it has been a game changer. My knee feels better and he is working on getting it to straighten out, using numerous techniques and home exercises. My knee started at a 20 degree bend and as of today, it is down to 11-12 degrees! This is a huge change! Phillip is very knowledgeable and professional. He educates you along the way so that you understand why you are doing certain exercises, etc. I would highly recommend Return2Play for your Physical Therapy needs.”

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